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Trabzon is the emerald green city of the Black Sea Coast. Its history goes back to 2000 BC. However, the founders of Trabzon are unknown. It is believed the founders of the city came to Trabzon from the Middle Aisa by passing over the Caucasus. The name of city was _ rst cited in the Xenophon’s book, Anabasis as “Trapezus”.  The city takes this name because of the table-like shape of middle tower (Ortahisar) and upper tower (Yukarıhisar) parts which are the ancient centers of the city. In the ancient silk route Trabzon had an important paint between Europa and Asia.  Because of that, cty became a uniqua home to many civilizations throughout history.  Since the ancient ages of the history, Trabzon has sheltered the humanity and hence, has gained rich cultural heritage full of by the local stories and folk songs.

Throughout history, it was inhabited by the Milletians, Persians, Romans, Byzantine, Comnenos dynasty. At the Beginning of 13. century, the Comnenos dynasty ruled the city over 250 years untill it was conquered by Fatih Sultan Mehmet on Oct, 26 1461. The museums, monasteries, mosques, tombs, inns, baths, bedestans and citadel surrounding the city. Examples of civil architectures, bazaars, have been woven tho the history of the Trabzon as an embrodery. The mystic town of the east was praised with many compliments by many visiting scholars .Such as Marco Polo and Evliya Çelebi deserve a special attention. Called as “Magnificient” by the Westerns, Kanuni Sultan Süleyman was born in Trabzon . He was brought up there untill he was 15 years old. Selim I, the great Turkish Sultan served as the governer of Trabzon for 22 years. Atatürk has visited the city three times and decided to bestow all his property and wealth to the Turkish Nation in this pavilion. The are many kinds of historical monuments which still stand in Trabzon.


Besides the historical and culturel monuments, lakes, streams, mountains, high plateaues, are the natural privileges for Trabzon. In addition to very many natural beauties created of rainy climate, handworking historical monuments attrack the visitors. Golden and silver, in the hands of the craftsmen from Trabzon, are melted and converted to the Kazazlık, Hasır Bilezik, folk dances, kemence, other folkloric elements are the symbols of Trabzon which introduce it all over the world. Its natural location historical monuments, ever green vegetation cover and year round opportunities is a valuable treasure worth seeing. Hazelnut, tea and maize the main agricultural products, contributing to the city’s economy considerably.

City Cuisine

Anchovy which has always been a subject for poets has a special place in the city cousine. Kuymak; made up of te mixture of corn favour with  butter and cheese maintains its special place in the local cousine. Recently, a lot of work is sustained to integrate alternative agriculture produces into economy such as kiwi, vaccinium (ay üzümü) etc.


It has a increasing importance as an international trade centre, functioning as a bridge between the Caucasus, Central Asia and the West and plays an important role in the growing trade between the Middle-East and the CIS. With ist university, modern port, international airport, free zone and tourism potantial,it looks ahead a bright and prosperous future.

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